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Postnatal Growth of Preterm Infants


Postnatal growth standards for preterm infants: the Preterm Postnatal Follow-up Study of the INTERGROWTH-21st Project. Villar J, Giuliani F, Bhutta ZA, Bertino E, Ohuma EO, Ismail LC et al. Lancet Glob Health 2015, 3(11):e681-e691.

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Calculators & Apps

This application allows data to be entered manually so that the size of individuals can be compared to, and plotted graphically against, the international standards and references. In addition, large datasets can be imported directly into the application, which then calculates the respective centiles and z-scores based on the INTERGROWTH-21st Standards and References. The results can be exported for further analysis.

Weight, length, and head circumference for preterm infants until they reached 64 weeks’ postmenstrual age.

Language options available: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Arabic.