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Symphysis-Fundal Height


International standards for symphysis-fundal height based on serial measurements from the Fetal Growth Longitudinal Study of the INTERGROWTH-21st Project: prospective cohort study in eight countries. Papageorghiou AT, Ohuma EO, Gravett MG, Lamber A, Noble JA, Pang R et al.  BMJ 2016, 355:i5662.

Tables & Graphs

The symphysis-fundal height (SFH) graphs and charts are available with centiles or Z-scores (Standard deviation).

Calculators & Apps

The "International Symphysis-Fundal Height" Calculator is an Excel-based application. It produces centiles and z-scores for these measurements based on the INTERGROWTH-21st Symphysis-Fundal Height Standards. Centiles and z-scores of large datasets can also be calculated.