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Cervical Cancer in Developing Countries

This course has been developed in order to improve the screening skills of healthcare professionals working in the field of cervical cancer screening in low and medium resource incomes countries (LMIC). The minimal requirements for reaching the objectives of this course are basic knowledge of the lower genital tract anatomy as well as of the benign cervical abnormalities (such as: polyps, hyperkeratosis, Nabothian cysts and cervicitis).

  • Module 1: Anatomy of the cervix, squamocolumnar junction, metaplastic change and transformation zone 
  • Module 2: Basic knowledge for cervical cancer screening using VIA, VILI and HPV test 
  • Module 3: Treatment of VIA/VILI positive cases 
  • Module 4: How to proceed 
  • Module 5: Quality assurance of visual inspection of the cervix 

This course, hosted by The Global Health Network, was developed with the Hôpital Universitaire de Genève and is available in English.

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