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Emergency and Surgical Care in Universal Health Coverage

4 hours

This course provides evidence-based knowledge and experiences from the field for decision-making to engage and prioritise policy issues at all levels of healthcare, for life-saving and disability-preventive surgical care in the context of universal health coverage (UHC).

In this course the emphasis is on surgical care including sexual and reproductive health, injuries, humanitarian crisis and anesthesia services.

  • Module 1: Global Impact of Surgical (Sexual & Reproductive, Injuries, Anesthesia) Care
  • Module 2: Surgical Care In Humanitarian Crisis
  • Module 3: Quality & Safety of Surgical (Sexual & Reproductive, Injuries, Anesthesia) Services for UHC
  • Module 4: Crucial Role of Surgical Care In Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

Course, hosted by The Global Health Network, is available in English.

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